​Diagnostic Survey on Structure/Fabric

​This report is specialised, sometimes arising from a previous more general survey report, where a specific defect may have been identified but not analysed, ie. Mortgage Valuation Report, Home Buyers Survey & Valuation Report or as part of an Insurance Claim.

Such defects may include subsidence, settlement cracks, damp penetrating, a defective damp proof course, roof problems, problems with double glazing/window replacement and other building works.

The Survey is limited in its scope to a specific defect and the Surveyor will address himself to the problem and will not comment on other unrelated defects that may exist in the property.

We are unable to carry out invasive inspections without the prior consent of the owner. Reinstatement costs may be chargeable.

In addition to the diagnosis, the report includes recommendations regarding remedial works required and, if appropriate, approximate costings.

These reports are accepted by most Mortgage Lenders and Insurers where the Valuer has requested a further report on a specific defect.

  • ​A Report on a Specific Defect
  • ​Designed to analyse the problem and make recommendations for remedial works
  • ​Problems highlighted by a Mortgage Valuation Report
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    ​Specific defects requiring attention
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    ​Preliminary reports for litigation, insurance claims or lease matters